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Anytime there is a life event, we get out old photo albums and search for memories of the past.


Pictures take us back in time and remind us of all the life that has been lived.  

Will your kids have that same privilege 20 years from now?


If you don't have printed pictures it is unlikely they will take the time to search old phones and Facebook accounts looking for all those great memories.

Well, we want to help you preserve your family's story!

With almost two decades of teaching experience, we are equipped to guide you through the process of organizing and printing your memories so they can be shared with family and friends now and in the future. 


*Google Photos and Shutterfly are the platforms used in our online classes. 

Available Courses

Celebrate Your 2021 Graduate

The old cliche time flies could not be more true! It seems like just yesterday you were snuggling your little one and dreaming of all the things he/she would get to experience in life!

Now high school graduation is here, including a very unexpected set of circumstances which makes this time even more bittersweet. There are so many "lasts" that won't be celebrated, but don't let that stop you from remembering all the memories that DID happen!

And although it’s hard to appreciate it now, someday your son or daughter will be able to tell their kids they survived high school during a worldwide pandemic! And what better way to share their story than through a keepsake full of photos!

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Create Your Own 2020 Keepsake

2020 will be a year that goes down in history for every human on the planet!

Collectively we experienced loss, hardship and challenge while learning how to navigate a new world! We spent more time at home than ever, found new ways to have fun, figured out how to Zoom and maybe even picked up a new hobby!

Getting all of your memories organized and printed will ensure this part of your story is remembered forever and shared with future generations! Maybe it will even serve as a reminder that you can do hard things the next time you're faced with a difficult season!

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Capturing Your Special Day

Weddings are such important celebrations and often thousands of pictures are taken to capture this special day.

These memories are cherished not only from the moment the wedding is over but for years to come! Creating a keepsake of you or your loved one’s special day is a gift for you and for future generations!

In this class, we will teach you how to collect, organize and edit the hundreds or thousands of pictures you have and create a keepsake that shares the story of this special day. And this isn’t only or the bride or groom… this could be a keepsake for parents, friends or family too!

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