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3 Simple Ways to Share Pics

Have you ever tried capturing a moment next to ten other people who are taking the exact same picture?

This happens on vacations, at concerts, taking pictures of our kids on their birthday or even during the holidays when posing for that one family photo! Everyone tries to hold their smile while also trying to figure out which camera to look at!

The result is no one ends up with a good picture! Instead, we all end up with pictures of people looking at different cameras, pictures with people's eyes closed or even that super awkward picture of someone who was in the middle of talking and has a less than flattering pose.

The easy fix? Have ONE person take pics and share them with everyone else! It will decrease digital clutter, ensure you all get great photos of the shared experience and maybe annoy your kids a little less!

Quick and easy ways to share multiple pics right from your phone:

* AirDrop (only available for Apple devices)

* Create an album in iPhotos & share

* Create an album in Google & share

These simple tips make sharing multiple pics quick & easy without sending them one by one via email or text... which saves everyone time and maybe even a little stress!

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