Tuesday's Tips 4 Pics

A Reminder of the Importance of Pictures

I have loved sharing Tuesday's Tips 4 Pics with you every week for the past year! But with the tragedy in Boulder last week there was nothing I could put together that felt worthy of sharing. Then this morning, a week after the shooting, I headed out for the day and ran into the incredible procession of hundreds, maybe even thousands, of first responders. They lined the streets and highways to honor the life of Officer Eric Talley, one of the ten who lost his life too soon. His funeral was televised and was an amazing testament of his life and all the people he touched. At the end of his service, there was a slideshow that I'm sure did not leave a dry eye in the house. His family shared pictures of his life and his story. Pictures of his childhood and teenage years. Pictures with his wife and kids. Pictures with his friends, fellow police officers and doing some of the things he loved most. It was a little glimpse into the amazing life he must have lived. If you have ever had to put together a slideshow like this, I'm sure you spent hours laughing, crying and telling stories as you reminisced about your loved one. In times like these, pictures can provide comfort and remind us that our loved ones lived a great life and created memories that will last long after they're gone.

So this week my tip is simple: Enjoy and capture all the little moments that make up your life. Make a point to take pictures every day. They have a way of sharing you and your family's story in a way nothing else can. All the best, Melissa

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