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A Spin on the Traditional School Yearbook

As the upcoming school year approaches, there are discussions everywhere about what the future holds. Students are anxious to get back to school, parents are conflicted about making the right decisions for their families and teachers are facing realities they've never experienced in their profession.

I'm not sure if anyone else can relate, but I naively thought, or maybe just hoped, the world would be moving forward by now and kids would be going back to school like "normal" this year. Instead, decisions about education and how to handle the virus seem to be more uncertain than ever. And as soon as I think I've made an informed decision for my kids, I talk with friends, family or even catch a glimpse of the news and feel like I need to weigh the pros and cons all over again!

So, I'm going to try my best to be flexible knowing that decisions that are made now might change a thousand times by the end of the year. I've also decided to be careful with my words in front of my kids knowing that they hear everything and are internalizing some of my worries, whether I like it or not!

With just a few weeks left of summer, I decided to be more intentional in trying to foster feelings of excitement and positivity around going back to school for all of us! We've started to reminisce about last school year and all the amazing things that they experienced... quarantine and all!

And since we still didn't get all of my kids' yearbooks from last year, we decided to make our own using pictures of friends, sports, homecoming, school events, plays, carnivals... all the things that filled our year, including remote learning! It was such a great distraction from all the negativity that fills our world right now! My kids and I looked through pictures, laughed and told stories about life just a few months ago!

This example yearbook is for my high school-aged son who is a sports nut, but a book like this could be made for anyone from kindergarten through high school!

And even though life might look a little different moving forward, we can still choose to look for all the things we're grateful for regardless of what this next school year holds! And you know how I feel... take pictures of it all, the big and small! Someday you'll look back on it and remember all the life lessons you learned from this season the world is going through right now!

If you or anyone you know is interested, I'd love to create a yearbook of memories for you too! You can contact me using the email link below!

All the best,


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