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Create a Shared Album

People take more pictures during the holiday season than any other time of the year! Whether it's traditions, travel or time with family and friends you will likely fill your camera roll with hundreds of pictures in these next few months!

And as your loved ones pose for these photos, it's likely more than one of you are taking the EXACT same picture at the EXACT same time! This often leads to pictures where half the people are looking at one camera and the other half are looking at another.

A great way to eliminate your kids' annoyance of having to pose for multiple cameras, having pics where only half of the crowd is looking or maybe never getting copies of those great pics someone else took is to create a shared album! Once created, multiple people can add their pics from the pumpkin patch, cooking on Thanksgiving or opening presents Christmas morning! Even better, what if everyone only added their best pics? You'd all end up with access to the most amazing photos from this holiday season!

This shared album would also be great for those of you who can't spend this time with your loved ones due to limited travel or staying safe at home. Sharing pics and videos could be a great way to connect and bring joy even from afar!

This video will guide you in creating your own shared album in just a few simple steps:

Creating a Shared Album in Google Photos

And if you're looking for a unique holiday gift with Christmas just 8 weeks away, I'd love to create a custom photo book for you! Whether it's a grandparent book, vacation album or anything else you'd like to capture in a keepsake book, these are timeless gifts that can be enjoyed now and in years to come!

Check out our example photo books or email me (melissa@m4g.biz) with any questions you have or to get started!

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