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Don’t Have Time to Organize Your Digital Picture Life? We Can Do it for You!

It has been my honor over the last year to share videos with you each month on how to organize your pictures. I know many of you were able to finally get your digital picture life organized while others shared feedback like this:

"I love taking pictures of my family but can't seem to find the time to sit down and organize them."

"Your videos are very helpful, but they're stacking up on my to-do list and I'm months behind."

"I get so easily frustrated with technology!"

"I had every intention of getting organized while I was home in quarantine, but my kids were so needy, then there was Netflix and now the year is over. Can you send me all the videos again?"


"Can you just organize my pictures for me?"

Well, I do LOVE pictures, organizing and creating photo books so I thought what better way to serve you than to provide a system that will help you not only get organized but also create a custom photo book to capture your favorite memories this year!

We can work together to take the thousands of digital pictures from your phone and get them organized and printed like these busy working moms:

"I have never had time to do anything with all of the pictures we take. I'm so thankful to have found Melissa. Our family loves the albums we've done with her. They are so special and I'm so thankful. I don't have to stress anymore that each year I would get further behind trying to figure out what to do with our family pictures and memories." -Sarah Camas, WA

"I have thousands of pictures on my phone and hardly any printed. I realized my kids won't have any printed pictures from their childhood and I can't imagine their stories not being shared with their kids. Even just starting with 2020 pictures has allowed me to get past the overwhelm and get started. Better late than never!" -Maria Denver, CO

And to thank you for your support during 2020, I am rolling this out to founding members for just $17.99 a month... that's less than a few trips to Starbucks! And I think we can all agree our memories are worth way more than coffee!

I hope this year is filled with amazing memories and I can't wait to help you get them organized and preserved not only for you but for future generations too!

All the best,


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