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How Daily Pics Can Help You Focus on Gratitude

In the last week, I've talked to so many friends and family who are feeling the immense stress of life right now. So many of us have not just one major worry, but multiple worries that consume our thoughts in a way they never have before. We have kids who can't go back to school, teachers who have to go back to selfless jobs with so many unknowns, medical workers who put their life at risk every single day, people with health issues, aging parents, financial worries... the list goes on and on and on.

This pandemic is affecting every single human on the planet right now in one way or another and for so many, it comes at the cost of our mental health.

I started to think about this website my sister introduced me to back in January, 365grateful.com. Hailey Bartholomew, the woman behind it all, was going through a very difficult season in her life and battling depression. In desperation, she decided to use her photography skills to start taking pictures EVERY DAY of things she could be GRATEFUL for. She took pictures of flowers, her kids making faces, her husband rubbing her feet, nature... they were all the little things she realized she was missing along the way while she was consumed with the overwhelm of life.

Sound familiar?

What if we all spend the next month LOOKING FOR THINGS TO BE GRATEFUL FOR and using the cameras we have at our fingertips to take just ONE PICTURE A DAY?? If you go to 365grateful.com and read just a little of Hailey's story or the numerous other people who have taken on her "Grateful Project,", you'll see how much it has impacted their lives. I don't know about you, but it might be just what I need as I head into fall!

Seriously, if you're like me we have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

All the best,


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