Tuesday's Tips 4 Pics

It’s Like Insurance for Your Family’s Memories

One day I was sharing my passion for organizing and printing pictures with a friend. She got extremely emotional as she shared the story of losing her phone a few years ago and with it all the pictures of her son's childhood. And since she hadn't backed up her digital pictures, she lost years' worth of memories she can never get back... pictures of her son's first days home, his first birthday, his first steps, first plane ride and all the little moments in between. How sad is that?!?!

And while I'm sure that will never happen to you, you don't want to learn this lesson the hard way and experience the same heartache. Make a decision, schedule some time and put it on your calendar to get your most precious memories backed up on a hard drive, in the cloud or both! And if you're unsure where to start, here are a few pros and cons of each:



  • doesn't require internet connection

  • can be much faster than backing up to the cloud

  • pictures are not at risk to digital threats

  • your pictures remain in your possession


  • you need to physically have your hard drive and phone to transfer pictures (For example, you can't backup until you get home if you're on vacation)

  • if the hard drive fails, you could lose all of your pictures

  • unless in a fireproof safe, could still be at physical risk to loss or damage

  • can be costly $50-$350


  • This process isn't a one size fits all. It depends on which phone, computer and hard drive you have. Ultimately, you'll have to plug your phone into your computer, choose your hard drive in your storage options and upload your pictures. I would recommend you find a YouTube video (there is literally one for anything you can think of) for your specific device.



  • can backup pics anytime as long as you have internet connection

  • access your pictures from any device, anywhere, anytime

  • many FREE options with companies such as Google, Apple, iCloud & Dropbox

  • can automate your backup so you don't even have to think about it

  • pictures are safe from physical threats (broken/lost phone, flood, fire)


  • if you're not digitally savvy, this could be intimidating (but that's where I can help you)

  • pictures can be at risk to digital threats (however, cloud companies have come a LONG way with security)



Backing your pictures up on a hard drive and in the cloud gives you the best insurance for protecting your pictures. I highly recommend this option!

Not every option appeals to everyone, but pick what works for you and get it done! I know too many people who have lost years worth of pics and can't ever get them back! Pictures are so important in documenting our lives, telling our stories and sharing memories with future generations!

All the best,


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