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Last Minute Christmas Ideas

Is it just me, or does Christmas sneak up on us every year? I know, I know, this has been the longest year EVER but I'm guessing you still haven't had time to do all the things you need to get ready for next week... me too!

Well, here are a few last-minute ideas you may want to check off your list in the next 10 days!

Order Christmas or New Year's Photo Cards (in bulk)

In less than an hour create, order and pick up your own photo cards to mail to all of your friends & fam! Or if you're not going to have time, send a Happy New Year's card instead!

Creating a Holiday Greeting Card with Pics

Individual Christmas or New Year's Photo Cards

Need a card for Grandma, your sister or best friend? You can create your personalized photo card online and Walgreens will mail it for you... it can't get easier than that!

Creating a Single Holiday Photo Card!

Create a Video Montage to share on Christmas Day

  1. Send a quick text to your loved ones asking for a short video clip for Grandma (or fill in the blank___)! They can record themselves on their phone sharing their favorite Christmas memory or even just a holiday wish.

  2. Compile all the videos to create a short movie using iMovie or Google.

  3. Send the movie to Grandma on Christmas morning!

We did this for my parents' anniversary a few weeks ago and it was such a great way to celebrate quarantine-style! They LOVED it and will now have the video forever. I would highly recommend trying this out even if your video isn't perfect... trust me, no one cares this year!

I hope you have a peaceful week as you prepare for Christmas, whatever that looks like this year!

All the best,


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