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One Day... So Many Pictures!

Updated: May 4

I hope you are getting to spend more time with family and friends as the world is starting to get a little more back to normal! I know for us, we enjoyed spending our first holiday with the fam in over a year this past weekend! And to commemorate such a long-awaited occasion we took pictures... lots and lots of pictures! I'm sure you have had those special days when everyone is taking pictures to capture the moment whether it's a wedding, birthday, holiday or even a vacation! The goal is that you will all share your pictures, narrow them down so you have only the best ones and then maybe if you get a little crazy you'll actually do something with them! The moment passes, you don't do anything with all those pictures and they end up adding to the digital clutter you already have on your phone. Can you relate? What if instead, you took just a few minutes (maybe even while you're watching a show) and clean up all those pictures so you can actually enjoy them now or make it easier to find them when you need to someday down the road? I promise it is totally doable if you have even 10 minutes to spare.

Start small.. maybe with pictures of your weekend, your kid's game or another past event when you took too many pictures to count! 1) If you do nothing else, DELETE MULTIPLE COPIES

  • open the camera on your phone

  • scroll down to a single day when you took a million pictures

  • find all the multiple copies

  • keep only the best ONE & delete the rest

  • DO NOT overthink this step!


  • Create an album from your phone using iPhoto or Google Photos

  • Add your pictures

  • Share it with your family & friends so they can add theirs too

  • Open album once everyone has added pictures

  • Delete multiple copies. and keep only the best one


  • Print your favorite pictures from that day and swap them out with old pictures that have been in frames around the house for way too long!

  • Use those pictures to make a greeting card through Walgreens for an upcoming birthday or maybe even Mother's Day

I hope you have a year full of amazing moments that cause you to have too many pictures! And now you have a tip in your back pocket to quickly declutter them so you have only the best ones to share your family's story!

As always, please let me know if I can help you with any of your picture needs! They are truly one of our most priceless possessions!

All the best,


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