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M4G was inspired by my mom, who loves taking and sharing photos but for the last decade has left them stored on her phone by the thousands! When she wanted to share a picture, she had to swipe through the never-ending feed to find just one but often gave up frustrated by the challenges of technology and navigating her phone!

So, I started to teach my mom how to organize her digital photos and use technology with confidence. We were then able to take all those organized pics and create custom photo books of vacations, birthdays and other celebrations. For the first time in years, my mom was able to share her favorite memories with friends and family!

We started talking about what we were doing and I quickly realized how many people, like my mom, truly love taking pictures but don't have the time or patience to do anything with them! So, I decided to combine all the things I love… teaching, technology and pictures to start Memories for Generations! My mission is to help people organize their digital photos and create custom photo books they can share now and in the future!

I wanted to thank you for your support these last few months! I'd love to hear how I can serve you even better! Please take just a few minutes to fill out this survey and let me know what frustrations and challenges you're facing so I can address those in future Tuesday's Tips 4 Pics!

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