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Scanning Printed Pictures

Do you remember when you got your first smartphone? I got mine in 2003 at the ripe old age of 25. My kids have asked me how I could have possibly "survived" THAT long without a cell phone. Simple... we had home phones, payphones and eventually pagers... who's with me?!? Well, they aren't and can't even imagine a life without their devices that connect them to the world... especially after a year in quarantine! And while I can vividly remember and sometimes miss life before we were all buried in our phones, I do love that smartphone cameras have given us the ability to take pictures any time, any day, anywhere! Just a few decades later, we have thousands of our family's best memories on our camera rolls right in the palm of our hand! So long rolls of film, picking up envelopes of pictures at the drug store and adding to our picture clutter stored in boxes in the basement! I love helping people get their DIGITAL pics organized and printed, but realize there are so many of you who want help organizing and digitizing your PRINTED pictures. It is on our radar for the future, but in the meantime, I thought I'd share some ideas and resources since I do get asked often if I can provide this service. You can research companies who digitize printed pictures in this article and see if one offers the services you need at the price you want. You may find out it's more expensive and time-consuming than you thought, but there is a way YOU can digitize your own pictures! Yes, it will take time but what a fun way to look through all of your family's memories of the past... it might even be therapeutic! And your kids? They will learn a little more about your family's story when they see pictures from the "olden days".... you know, before the 2000s (insert sarcasm!) The key is to START SMALL and commit to even just ONE HOUR A WEEK. You will be amazed at how quickly progress will come! And if you're stuck inside over the weekend because the forecast says you're getting 4 feet of snow (Colorado), this could be the perfect time to get started! Below are two short videos on how to use Google's PhotoScan app to digitize pictures yourself. If you don't have the photo scan app, start here. Download Photo Scan App Then, watch this step-by-step video on how to START decluttering your printed pics! Using Photo Scan to Clear the Clutter of Printed Pics! A few scanning tips:

  • don't scan pictures on the carpet

  • scan on a hard, dark surface if possible

  • scan a few pictures at a time and then look at them on your phone

  • if the scanned photos have a glare, change the room or lighting

  • Try again

As always, please let me know if you have any questions! All the best, Melissa

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