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Set Yourself Up for Success in the New Year

Earlier this year I completed my first marathon... something that had been on my bucket list for over ten years! While it feels like a lifetime ago, I can vividly remember every minute of the experience. I started off strong but had moments of doubt, exhaustion and when my knee gave out at mile 16 I almost quit. But, my amazing sister cheered me on, never left my side and even selflessly let me cross the finish line first so she could capture the moment. I literally could not have accomplished this goal without her!

I feel like 2020 has been its own marathon and many of us are crossing the finish line only because someone didn't let us give up... whether it's your spouse, a parent, your kid(s), best friend or even a higher power, someone reminded you to keep going even on the days when it felt impossible.

I wish I could take a finisher photo, put a medal around your neck and cue a crowd to congratulate you on such a huge accomplishment! You survived all the lonely days, canceled vacations and holidays, sickness, lost jobs, having kids home and all the other things that made 2020 probably one of the most unexpected and challenging years of your life!

And today I want to wish you a Happy New Year filled with health, happiness and lots of time WITH family and friends in the year to come!

And if you're looking to start the new year off with a bang here's a few ideas:

Whether you're celebrating big or small or even going to bed early, don't forget to take pictures of New Year's Eve and New Year's Day... you'll want to remember this time and have reminders of how grateful you are in the years to come when you're celebrating with your people!

All the best,


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