Tuesday's Tips 4 Pics

Starting Small

Last week, I shared how you can get all of your digital pics in one place by backing them up on a hard drive, in the cloud or even both. The next SMALL STEP is to think about how you can START getting those pics organized! Ok, I know so many of you feel like this is a project you'll have to take a week off of work to tackle, but I promise if you commit to STARTING SMALL, it's 100% feasible. A couple of times a week, choose to organize your own pics instead of scrolling through other people's on Facebook or Instagram. You'll be amazed at what 20 minutes here and there can do for you! Our kids and their kids will NOT be spending hours scrolling through our phones or social media accounts to look at old pictures, so it's almost more of a gift to them if you START to get organized now. WATCH THIS VIDEO FIRST for ideas on how you might want to START organizing your own digital pictures! Once you've decided on ONE album to start, click on the corresponding video below for step-by-step directions.

  • Use the steps in this video to start a yearly album

  • Use the steps in this video to start a vacation album or one for a specific celebration

  • Use the steps in this video to create an album for a specific person or for your child's school or sports year!

You can also use this FREE printable resource to walk you through the process. As always, let us know if we can answer any questions or create a custom photo book for you for a specific year, vacation or any other special event or celebration! All the best, Melissa

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