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Take Better Pics with the Rule of Thirds

Updated: Feb 9

Remember the days when people had actual cameras? Some people had fancy ones with extra lenses and were skilled enough to factor in lighting, focus and exposure when taking pictures. Some people had disposable cameras with one feature... click the button. Then you'd see how you did when you picked up your printed pics from the drug store. And as technology progressed, people were able to get small digital cameras with sim cards you'd plug into your computer in order to see your pics!

Thankfully, technology has progressed and we have the ability to take amazing pictures with our smartphones that are with us 24/7. We can take as many pictures as we want, anytime we want and edit them on the spot before posting to social media and sharing them with the world!

And whether you're a true photographer or just trying to learn little tips here and there to take better pictures, smartphones have amazing features to help you!

You may have heard of the "Rule of Thirds" before, but if you haven't photographers use this concept to take pictures that are more interesting and balanced. If you search "Rule of Thirds," you will find hundreds of articles about its history, purpose and even tutorials if you want to become a pro!

But if you're short on time, here's a quick overview of the "Rule of Thirds":

Imagine breaking your picture frame into thirds, both vertically and horizontally to create nine equal parts. Most smartphones have a feature you can add to your camera so the grid pops up for you! Click here to see how to add the grid.

If you're taking a photo with a horizon, line it up on any one of the horizontal lines for a better picture.

The "Rule of Thirds" is a fun way to experiment with your photos as you continue documenting the rest of summer... and don't forget to take pictures of it all! Before we know it kids will be back in school and pumpkin lattes will be back on the menu on Starbucks!

As always, please let me know how I can support you in your picture journey! Pictures are so amazing and documenting your life is something you can't get back if you forget to do it now!

All the best,


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