Tuesday's Tips 4 Pics

Take Pics of this Historic Time

We've all seen those iconic pictures of moments that have created our country's history... the mom with her children in a makeshift tent during The Great Depression, soldiers hugging their families when they return from war, smoke from the Twin Towers before they collapsed, and cities flooded and rebuilt after natural disasters just to name a few.

We learn about history through these vivid images and can relate to people, just like us, who faced challenging and sometimes impossible days, months and years. Their stories teach us to persevere through our own difficult times and remind us that this time will pass, leaving us not only with scars but also opportunities for growth.

As crazy as it seems, we are living through one of those times that our grandchildren will read about someday... probably online because textbooks will be a thing of the past! And, unlike those who came before us, we have the ability to record it all because we have cameras that are easily accessible and allow us the opportunity to take as many pictures as we want!

I'm sure you've already been recording your life these last few months, but don't forget to take pictures of ALL THE THINGS that make up your life in quarantine during this COVID-19 crisis:

  • Wearing masks

  • Pics of you and your people visiting in a driveway 6 feet apart

  • Signs at the store that say anything about social distancing

  • Your stash of toilet paper and hand sanitizer

  • Your kids on the couch as they do school from home

  • Zoom calls with your family & friends

  • New traditions like family game night

  • Evening walks with your dog

  • Baking cookies

  • Staying in your PJs all day

  • Delivering food to your parents or those in need

  • Backyard hair cuts & dye jobs... or maybe lack thereof

  • Enjoying the sunrise/sunset

  • Projects around the house

  • Drive-by birthday & graduation parties

  • Literally ANYTHING...take pictures of it all regardless of how mundane it feels!

THIS TIME WILL PASS, maybe sooner than later, and you'll probably jump right back into the busyness of life and forget all the moments we had while "stuck" at home surviving a world-wide quarantine for the first time in history!

When life starts getting back to "normal" I am going to make a photo book, like my own little history book, to remember this time my family and I lived through! Maybe my photo book will serve as a reminder to future generations that they too will get through tough times!

I'd love to create a photo book keepsake down the road for you too that captures your own unique experience through this time! Who knows, maybe you'll look at it for years to come and reminisce, reflect and teach those who don't quite understand what life was like through quarantine!

All the best,


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