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The Best DIY Birthday Card

It seems like the older I get the more birthdays I have to remember... nieces and nephews, in-laws, friends, their kids, the list goes on and on! I usually end up sending a "belated" birthday card... if I even remember that!

And have you seen the price of greeting cards these days? What the what?!? It's at least $6 for a card you probably settled on after standing uncomfortably close (even before Covid) to half a dozen people as you dig through the options!

However, there’s a sneaky little trick to create custom PICTURE cards at a fraction of the cost!

  • You can create your own card and pick it up within the hour

  • Cards only cost a few dollars

  • They are personalized with your own pics & words

  • Your friends & fam will love this sentimental gesture!

I know it's already January 12th, but what if...

  • You sat down on the 1st of each month this year

  • Made a list of ALL the upcoming birthdays that month

  • Carved out an hour to create cards for those friends & fam

  • Ordered & picked up your cards

  • And had them all prepared and ready to go for the entire month?

Would that alleviate any stress? I know it will for me... and these days I'll take all the breaks I can!

How to Create Your Own Birthday Card!

And if you don't already have Honey, the amazing tool that finds any coupon on the internet for online purchases, make sure to add it to your computer to get a great deal on your birthday cards... or anything else you buy online!

Adding the Honey Extension

All the best,


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