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The Power of Pictures

Have you ever had to search through boxes of old pictures to gather memories for a milestone birthday, wedding, anniversary or even a funeral? Why is it that we all turn to pictures in these times? I think it's because pictures have the ability to tell stories, freeze time and evoke emotion in a way nothing else can!

In honor of my parents' 50th anniversary, I decided to spend an hour or so going through boxes of old pics to find a few I could use in our covid-style celebration. Before I knew it, hours had passed as I went through shoebox after shoebox of old memories captured in print. It was like traveling back in time to my childhood... holiday celebrations, vacations, high school, college, road trips... a whole life I lived before kids! What a great reminder of how powerful pictures truly are and how much joy they can bring!

Some of us are lucky enough to have boxes of old printed pics, but since the early 2000s digital pics have become so much more convenient and there isn't a need to print like we used to... we have all our memories in the palm of our hand.

However, after decades of taking mostly digital pics we now have tens of thousands of pictures on our phones and it's overwhelming to do anything with them other than an occasional post to social media... if that.

What will future generations do when they need old pics for a milestone birthday, wedding, anniversary or funeral? Will they need your smartphone password or have to stalk your old Facebook or Instagram accounts? Probably not an easy task!

And THAT is why I'm so passionate about helping people get their pictures organized and printed. It would be a shame to let printed pics become a lost art for the sake of our kids and future generations who want to have access to memories of the past, just like us!

Organizing your digital pictures can be manageable in small doses and I hope my monthly videos throughout 2020 have helped you to at least get started in that area!

Now that we've officially wrapped up November, here's a video to help you organize those pics: Organizing November 2020

And if you don't have the time or patience, I can help you organize your pics and print them in a custom photo book or calendar for you or your loved one! You can check out examples of my work or shoot me an email and I can answer any questions you may have!

My hope is that you will be able to enjoy all those memories now and maybe even pass them on to future generations!

All the best,


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