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Ways to Connect on a Quarantine Thanksgiving

Historically, Thanksgiving week means large family gatherings, cooking, games, watching football, traveling and maybe even Black Friday shopping! Well, as with everything else in 2020 this holiday week will be unlike any other and probably pretty lonely for most!

It will take intention and planning, but you can choose to make the most of this Thanksgiving despite circumstances out of your control.

A few ideas to connect with friends and family:

  • Cook or play a game with your family on Zoom (schedule a time now!)

  • Create a playlist of sentimental family songs and share in iTunes or Spotify so everyone can listen on Thanksgiving Day

  • FaceTime while watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade

  • Download and play GamePigeon (this app has multiplayer games you can enjoy back and forth all day long)

  • Download Marco Polo and send video messages back and forth in a group throughout the day/week (there are even funny filters your kids will love)

And of course, my favorite... CONNECT THROUGH PICS!

Whether old or new, these will be pics you can look at TOGETHER next year as you're enjoying turkey and games and telling stories of surviving Thanksgiving 2020!

And while it may stink that just you and your little fam have to hang solo this year, don't forget your loved ones who live alone and need connecting more than ever as they head into a week where they can't share a meal or visit in person with anyone!

All the best,


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